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At Purple Pixie Studio we want to make magic by engineering art. By pushing the boundaries in art and engineering we hope to fuse them together to provide a unique experience. We are a production studio located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States. Our creative and engineering teams work together to build interactive graphic novels.

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No Vacancy

Set against the backdrop of the French Quarter, No Vacancy is a thriller fantasy romance about a young hotel clerk who suddenly finds herself thrust into high adventure and intrigue when a charming, albeit mysterious blues musician checks into her hotel. As she tries to unravel the romantic mystery behind his life-on-the-run, she finds herself drawn deeper into the research of her alluring archaeologist neighbor that just might hold the key to her destiny.



We encourage and support creativity in our employees.


Technical Leadership

We strive for technical leadership in our product offerings.


Quality Writing

Our titles will always be well written and engaging.


Customer Value

We will always deliver unmatched value for the price to our customers.



We will treat every customer, vendor and employee with complete honesty and integrity.


Purple Pixie Studio’s mission is to provide entertaining gNovels utilizing the latest in digital interactive techniques to more fully engage the reader and make every story we offer memorable and enthralling. A gNovel is an interactive graphic novel that you can view on a smart device, such as your tablet or smartphone. A gNovel puts the reader in controls of the story, in that their choice of actions will have consequences for the characters. We provide the reader with an enriched reading experience as the story is enhanced by visual graphics in the form of 2D static images and utilizing animation sparingly for enhancement. Initial production will focus on the development of romantic suspense and contemporary romance gNovels. New titles are currently in production, so watch this space for new releases.

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